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Granny's Home Cookin Old recipes from the past, good for the future with lots of Old time knowledge. Food preservation, Canning, Gardening information that works ! $17.76

Mountain Memories Home remedies from the Hills of NC, Recipes for Salves, cough syrups, all kinds of cures that have been used for years by the hill folk. $17.76

Black Drawing Salve Lots has been said and written about the old home remedy's like the Black Drawing Salves. I have a very old recipe which I finally went to work and found all the ingredients and have produced a batch of it. This stuff works on any sore, cut etc that has become infected, it will draw out splinters, has been used for just about any type of wound that is sore or infected. It will bring a boil to a head overnight. This is the real thing. It lasts a long time as only a tiny bit is needed so be conservative when using it. $9.95


NON-GMO - NON HYBRID Heirloom Seeds

They are messin with my food

NEW PRODUCT : Dehydrated Vegetable Beef Soup or Vegetarian soup, shipped in long term storage bags to be stored with your long term storage food supply or to eat now and enjoy. Delicious, NOT FREEZE DRIED

1-GALLON MIX= $5.50

1 QUART = $3.00


Enough seeds to plant a 3 acre Garden Plot

Each seed Packet $2.50 each.

Pole String Beans
Bush Lima Beans
Early Peas
Yellow Crook Neck Squash
Mixed Greens
Bell Pepper ( Sweet)
Mustard Greens
Egg plant
Hot Pepper (Jalapeno)
Winter Squash
Set of Seeds (1 pack of each)
2 sets of seeds (save $20)

New Additions:

Grow your own Tobacco !

Chemical free Ciggerettes and Cigars !

Comes with instructions on growing and curing


Vegetable Spagetti: Excellent squash for storage, resembles spagetti when boiled, served with spagetti sauce is excellent replacement for pasta. $2.50

Butterhead Lettuce (SOLD OUT) $2.50

Salad bowl: Mixture of: leaf lettuces including romaine (SOLD OUT) $2.50

Storage package of seeds to save for future use: Vacuum packed to preserve freshness and viability for years. Contains 1 each of all of the seeds except for the tobacco. $65.00

Two (2) complete sets of Storage seeds: $120.00

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