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get prepared

Are you ready for any type of disaster either man made or natual? Now is the time to learn how others are making sure their families are safe, well fed and secure.

Or are you already too humble and progressive and submissive and enlightened to beleive anything bad could happen to your family ?


If you don't believe it then just sit back smirk at those of us that are working so hard to provide for a future for our family and watch as your loved ones grow thinner and thinner and wither and die from all the good things your government is doing for you......

We use Face Book to keep in touch with a lot of you but feel it is much safer and saner to use the newsletter we put out monthly. I am considering a weekly message to answer questions and give links to real matters of concern. Your messages can and will be printed with your consent.

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Our food being poisoned, farms and land destroyed or ruined by chemicals, animals altered, lies and phony wars to deplete our resources along with a "KING" with no morals or consideration for anyone other than his own little circle of CZARS and family.

Why is our Congress and Senate not stopping this madman? Is he truly magic? Is this the Change you were looking for?

What is becoming of our once great country?

The trick is going to be to just survive and out live the corrupt politicians and watch them kill each other off and that will happen. There is no loyalty among them. One will turn on the other at the drop of a dollar. It will all start to unwind once the people stop being victims.

It is time to start thinking seriously about how you will survive and how your children will be fed and clothed. Are you prepared to live without all of the convient appliances and fast foods? Can you live for more than a week on what you have in your pantry now? How long could you and your family live on your supplies now?

Start now, a little at the time as I know money is hard to come by now with all of the unemployment and high prices of everything. Plant you a garden, build or buy a dehydrator, start storing up supplies to last your family at least a month, a year if possible and it will be possible if you start small and keep adding on every week.

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Store up foods you and your family are used to, learn to can if you don't know how and if you do then get busy. Buy now while foods are available and reasonably priced. With the latest freeze and loss of crops all over the planet you can be sure there will be extremely high prices if the products are even available to the public. Get stocked up now.. pressure can your meat, butter, milk along with your produce.

Learn how to dehydrate, it is so easy and the food is so easy to store and use, it doesn't lose all of its nutrients and makes such a good method of storage. With the dryed food you can grab a bag if necessary and just fill it and throw it over your sholder and go.. the weight is so light it is easy to transport even on foot.

Riots are starting all over the world, we may be next so be prepared, PLEASE. It doesn't hurt and you don't have to tell everyone and be called nutty just do it and know in your heart your children won't be going to bed hungry if something does happen.

The message I wrote a few years ago below is still valid but the events of the past few years have made even more imperative that people start looking inward into their own needs and that of their families. I took time off to make sure we had our house in order. Now it is time to start really screaming at you people. Do you know what is going on right under your noses? Have you made plans for actual survival in case of a break down in our way of life?

It's coming.

Look at the events that are taking place daily.. The Gulf is one of the worst events that can affect every one of our lives one way or the other. No matter where you live you will be affected and those that may have to leave everything they hold dear will have to have a place to go.

Could this all be planned? Fema camps have been being built for years and are in order just waiting for the event to happen that will fill them up.

Why would a government want to imprison it's populace?


What purpose does it serve?

The government tells us these camps are for disaster relief for folks that are left homeless???? They were built during Katrina yet were not used for that disaster. The people were sent to motels finally at the tax payers expense and some are still being maintained in motels at our expense.

I still haven't quite figured that one out yet as it seems that having people free and self sufficient would be more sensible but then who is sensible these days? The government actually seems to want to destroy us all and everything we hold dear.

Do they not realize that even if they destroy all of us that will leave just them and they will be in the same position of having to defend themselves against each other as there will always be a struggle for power and the high ground. Who will win? What will they win? Who will be around to see, hear or even care?

There has been so much filth allowed into our lives not by the government but by ourselves, we allowed it to creep in little by little until now there is no way to stop the tides of filth and degradation that is befalling this great nation. No morals, no honesty no pride in our workmanship as there is no workmanship here any longer. Let the elite wallow in their dirt hole.

Our choice would be to just wait them out, sooner or later they will kill each other off, these are vicious, conniving people who have no restraint, no remorse and no care about anyone other than what they want themselves. They are a ME ME ME entity that lives for the feelings they desire and cannot grasp. They do not know how to love, share and give. They do not have the basic faith in God to allow them to see the rainbow after the storm. They will never know true happiness or peace of mind. They will perish. It may take time and we may suffer in the wait but it will happen. We just have to be strong enough to resist their demands and stay healthy and strong. Defend ourselves and family and property against the encroaching hordes of leaching and debilitating flotstam of trash that will be haunting our country for the coming years until they wither and die or are killed either by us defending ourselves or each other trying to take from one another.

We will be publishing papers on how to do different things that you will need to know shortly. You need to start speaking to your neighbors and finding out their feelings and how far you can trust them to support decency. Some will laugh and think you are nuts, that is fine just walk on from them and mark them down as a non person of concern. Others will share your fears and can be counted on to help gather together a group which can focus on supplies and stockpiling arms and ammo and be willing to use it in defense of themselves and their community.

Have monthly meetings denoting what has been done in the past to enhance your survival. Do you have a means of getting water? Do you have enough jars and lids to preserve your products grown and bought? Meat is going to be a problem for many but if you are prepared and start now canning your own there will be no shortage for your family for a good tasting protein. Beans and Rice are great but can get pretty tiresome every day.

The main worry I had is what if? What if even though we defend our home a enemy can easily set fire to the house and then we will be defenseless and all of our supplies will be gone. You need to think about problems and the solutions. I chose to erect a metal structure to house our supplies and even ourselves if the need arrises. A fire proof structure which will give us shelter and protect our supplies.

Keep coming back and watch the additions of pages for your survival. Print them out and keep them as in a book so you will have the help when needed.

I love my country and my people. I hate my government and the festering, oozing boils that are sitting in power today. My goals are to live long enough to see them all burst and dry up and die giving decent God fearing people their country back.

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We are Christian, We are Americans, We are patriots, We are Wives, Mothers, Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers. We have raised our family to the best of our ability.

I let the news of the country and world slide by with not much notice as my life has been a busy one. Bette has been involved with political activism for years.

I became upset when we were told that laws were being passed that would prohibit the ownership of certain animals which I happen to own. I went on the warpath, and while on that path fighting for my rights I learned so much that is so disturbing. Many of you know already about the different sects that are taking away our rights every day one by one. I did not. My education was a scary one and it still is as I find new information every day which scares me, not for myself, I have very little time left but for my children and grandchildren. They deserve to live in a free country, that respects their rights and protects them from abuse from the government itself.

I bought a old RV, painted it up and started on a journey to let people like myself know what is going on in our Nation today.

New World Order, Globalism, Nais, NAFTA, WTO. CAFTA, the United Nations, the FED, Depleted Uranium, The I-35 Coridor, Microchipping, National ID Cards, Illegal Aliens, Terrorism and the list goes on and on.

I do not want to be a Global Citizen,

I want to remain a FREE GUN TOTEN AMERICAN.

I have met so many people who disbelieve until they are shown the truth via Video,DVD and printed information. I spend the evenings printing up more pages of flyers to encourage people to go to the internet and learn the facts. I spend the days parking in Mall parking lots, Grocery store lots, anywhere there are people to listen. I go to meetings, different events and hand out information to everyone who will take it. So many times people will just look at me like I am a crazy old lady until they see something they can relate to and it gets their attention. I feel I am doing a service for my country and its people. Look at the pages on our trips to see some of the events we have been a part of.

I found out about NAIS (National Animal Identification System) and how this program will put the small farmers and ranchers out of business while promoting Factory Farming and big Corporate enterprises. I am in shock that this government would devise such a horrible program to depopulate the country of animals owned by individuals struggling to make a living for their families. Through the fight aginst NAIS I learned more and more about the destruction of our Constitutional Rights.

I met people from every walk of life who are dedicated to fighting this corrupt take over of our government and join with them in the fight.

Please go to the different sections of this site, I know it is not professional but the best I can do, and see the documents, see where we have been and what we have acomplished. Join us in our fight to educate the public and save our Nation.

It is your choice, fight for your constitutional rights or lose them.


We need you to stand with us, No you don't have to picket and protest with us, we will do that. We do need you to stand up for your Country.

Look at what we have now and what we may just very well lose !

Are you Scared? You should be!

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